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    This Is How It Really Sounds

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      Stylish . . . hugely entertaining.


      In the lurid nightclubs modern Shanghai, infamous expat financier Peter Harrington is suddenly confronted by his past.Investors he has ruined, looming federal investigations and a remote but alluring woman all converge on one halucinatory night that ends in the labyrinth of an ancient Chinese garden.

      On the other side of the ocean, faded rock star Pete Harrington has no band, no hits and no hope in sight.He's lived for years on his worn-out celebrity, until a final flash of inspiration wakes him from his alcoholic haze and sends him on an absurd and epic quest for revenge.

      Setting it all in motion is the greatest extreme skier on the planet.Harry is a legend in a sport that few people have ever heard of.Raised in a world of snow, ice and avalanches, he cruises the sunny streets of Hollywood, looking for the connection that will change his life.

      This is the unlikely landscape of This Is How It Really Sounds, a world of wealth, fame and physical prowess bordering on the supernatural.Here, Corporate courtesans live in enchanted gardens and Hollywood publicists weave fantasies on a massive screen.From an assassin moving through the treacherous streets of 1946 Shanghai to the 21st century delirium of internet fame, its denizens all dream of a mysterious house that none can fully remember, but none of them can ever forget.

      Part comic satire, part revenge tale, part heart-stopping adventure, This is How it Really Sounds is about the seductive power of the Other Life, and what happens when you finally grasp it.

      Publisher is St. Martin's Press.

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