Cashmere and Alpaca Hats

At Invisible World, we look for a cashmere or alpaca hat that will do more than just keep your head warm.  Dazzling patterns incorporate up to 19 colors, often adorned with hand-needled embroidery or crochet, or featuring hand-dyed yarns.  That's because the perfect knit toboggan hat, whether a wool chullo or a casual alpaca beanie, should warm your eyes and spirits, not just your head. Top up with a matching alpaca scarf or gloves.

Telemark Cashmere Knit Hat


Abancay Space Dyed Alpaca Hat


Tibet Embroidered Alpaca Hat


Winter Blue Alpaca Hat


Rice Stitch Baby Alpaca Hat


Utah Brushed Alpaca Hat


Congo Embroidered Alpaca Hat


Viola Alpaca Hat


Ilave Chullo Alpaca Hat