Women's Cashmere and Alpaca Sweaters

The best sweaters for women are like that unassuming friend you depend on without knowing it:  They fit without complications, rarely need cleaning and can bounce out of a tightly packed suitcase with nary a wrinkle.  Sweaters can pull together a spartan travel wardrobe or cover the blouse that suffered that mishap at last night’s tapas party, and they do it three seasons per year.  We love all types of sweaters: sleek embroidered baby alpaca sweaters, comfy cashmere cardigans, elegant sweater coats for women.  
At Invisible World we choose the finest alpaca fiber and top quality cashmere, and we craft them to last.  So whether you’re ice fishing or just fishing for compliments, keep these trusty friends on hand for the long haul.

Vitral Button Up Baby Alpaca Sweater Cardigan for Women


Oslo Brushed Baby Alpaca Pullover for Women


Abancay Hand-Dyed Alpaca Sweater FairIsle Pullover for Women


Nordic Brushed Baby Alpaca Pullover for Women


Daisies Baby Alpaca Sweater Coat for Women


Maxine Pure Alpaca Norwegian Sweater


Telemark Six Color Cashmere Sweater for Women


Ophelia Embroidered 100% Alpaca Cardigan Sweater


Women's Fair Isle Cashmere Sweater