Alpaca Socks

There is nothing more perfect for your feet than alpaca socks.  Alpaca wool’s toughness and warmth go right where you need them most: between you and the cold earth.  Our medium and heavier weight boot socks are lined with loops of soft alpaca yarn that trap warm air against your skin, while the structural skeleton of synthetic yarns make them move with your feet.  Durable, machine washable and -dryable, these are the best hiking socks anywhere, and we have tested them from Peru to the Yukon Territories.  These warm socks are great for skiing, hunting and all cold weather activities, and perfect for lounging around on a cold winter morning.

Fair Isle Alpaca Socks


Quantum Leap Ultra-Thick Alpaca Socks


Speed-Striped Taoist Alpaca Socks


Nirvana-Level Alpaca Ultra Comfort Socks: The Alaska Oven


Striper Socks


Arctic Lounger Ultimate Alpaca Sock


Cushioned Alpaca Comfort Socks Two-Tone


Morse Code Socks