Invisible World Silk Scarves Square Hand Painted Silk Scarf - Lotus Dragon

    Square Hand Painted Silk Scarf - Lotus Dragonfly

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      These Hand Painted Silk Scarves are made of a light, translucent silk weave called paj. They're painted one at a time with a brush and silk dyes, then hand-rolled and stitched at the edges. These scarves are how we started in the silk business over twenty years ago, and we're still dealing with the same family of silk painters. Made in Suzhou, famous for silk since the Han Dynasty. In this design, dragonflies hover above a lotus pond.

      Measures 35" by 35" (89 cm x 89 cm)

      These silk scarves are created by a family of silk-painters in Suzhou, China, in their own workshop. Each starts as a piece of white silk and is painted, steamed and finished by hand.