Raquel and Gregor have a workshop in Huancayo where they do their spinning, dyeing and weaving, but some of the work is done in artisan’s homes.

Number of Employees: 20 EMPLOYEES & 20 OUTSIDE ARTISANS
Years of Relationship: 10 Founded in 2001


I was introduced to Raquel and Gregor by my late friend Peter Illi, of the renowned Galeria Latina in Quito.Their business began in their garage in 2001, producing sweaters, but with time they moved the business to Huancayo and began to produce more woven goods and accessories.

Producing anything in South America can be challenging, and producing accessories is no exception. Alpaca is a rare expensive fiber, and mistakes are costly. If tension on the loom is too tight, the scarf won’t be soft. Too loose, and the scarf is flimsy.

Much of the work is in the warping process, where the long strands of yarn that run vertically are carefully rolled up on the loom. Once the weaving begins, the weaver adds in the weft, the strands that are woven across the warp. He adds and subtracts lines of color according to the design, carefully managing the tension so that the edge of the scarf is neat and straight. After the entire roll of warp has been woven, the scarves are cut one by one to their correct length, then washed, packed and then shipped to market.