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    The Stone Angels - Hardcover Version

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      Comisario Miguel Fortunato is a recent widower near retirement after a long career with the Buenos Aires police department. Six months ago he was ordered to kidnap foreigner Robert Waterbury for reasons never made clear to him. The kidnapping turned to murder. Now, the Americans are sending their own investigator to Argentina and Fortunato is assigned to assist and support her. When he meets the young, inexperienced Athena Fowler, fresh from the University, he realizes that the Americans are not eager to solve the crime either. Gradually he pieces together the story that ended with the short harsh finale of Robert Waterbury, a failed novelist who had come to Argentina in a desperate attempt to make a big score. Was Waterbury a blackmailer, a fraud? Or was he about to turn his career around?

      Surrounded by a cast of tango-dancers, torturers, burnt-out revolutionaries and global bankers, Athena and Fortunato begin to discover a crime on a level so grand it can only be called business. As the hunt for the killer intensifies, Fortunato begins to unravel not only the murder he was at the centre of, but the deeper mystery of his own career and the lies that have sustained it.

      The Stone Angelsis a brilliant crime novel reminiscent of the work of James Ellroy, offering a rare, authentic glimpse into a dangerous and beautiful city, and its world of illusion.