Men's Alpaca Hats and Accessories

Life’s journey is filled with inconvenient moments involving wind, rain and snow.  That’s why our cashmere and alpaca beanies and other accessories come in so handy.  Ward off winter’s dull grip with a colorful cashmere toboggan hat, and crush the cold with toasty warm alpaca socks.  Whatever style you need in a scarf, beanie or sock, we’ve got you covered.

Telemark Cashmere Knit Hat


Graffiti Alpaca Hat


Nirvana-Level Alpaca Ultra Comfort Socks: The Alaska Oven


Storm Alpaca Hat


Tibet Embroidered Alpaca Hat


Quantum Leap Ultra-Thick Alpaca Socks


Fair Isle Alpaca Socks


Winter Blue Alpaca Hat


Congo Embroidered Alpaca Hat