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Invisible World Strap Wallets Dark Blue Hand Painted Silk Strap Wall- Stripes
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    Hand Painted Silk Strap Wall- Stripes

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      Let's face it: randomness is here to stay. Once you hit twenty-one, life is a swirl of crumpled bank notes, scribbled numbers, loose pennies, credit cards, and, with luck, the occasional love note. What if you could boil all those infinite details down and put them in one small bag that gave you complete control of the randomness? Well, you can't. But if you could, you'd be doing it with our hand-painted Silk Strap Wallet. With six organizing compartments in its ultra-suede interior, this wallet is big enough for all you've got,but small enough that it won't pull you to the bottom in a maritime disaster. Carry it in your purse, or clip on the detachable strap to use it as a small handbag.

      We've been producing hand-painted silk bags for twenty years and they are exclusive to our store. Working with a family in the ancient silk-weaving city of Suzhou, China, every single bag starts out as white satin and is painted piece by piece with a brush and silk dyes. After that, each piece is cut out, steamed to set the dyes, washed, ironed and sewn. Hand-made from start to finish.

      Measures 4.5" x 6.75" x .5"