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Invisible World Alpaca Poncho or Ruana Ahuayo Alpaca Poncho - Women's Ruana Wrap

    Ahuayo Alpaca Poncho - Women's Ruana Wrap

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      Ahuayo is the Aymara word for the brilliantly woven rectangles of hand-spun and handwoven cloth that indigenous women wear around their shoulders. This ruana wrap is a gorgeously faithful rendition of a traditional Bolivian or Peruvian poncho, right down to the natural-dye inspired colors and the white puma claw design in the bands. Even the stitching across the seams is replicated in this alpaca poncho. The space around you becomes a symphony of burgundy, black and blue as you move, and, since this is 100% soft, tough alpaca, it will keep on looking great for many years. Made in Bolivia of 100% alpaca fiber.

      53" length by 51" width. (135cm x 130cm)

      Model is 5' 9".

      This alpaca ruana is knit with naturally sourced fiber from alpacas that graze freely in the Peruvian highlands. Alpaca is warmer, softer and more durable than wool, and its cultivation helps rural farming families stay on their land. Invisible World suppliers treat their workers with dignity and pay all social benefits and extra salaries.