Cashmere Stocking Cap

Dark Red

Cashmere is legendary for its luxurious softness and amazing warmth. We took the highest quality fiber from the steppes of Asia and knit it into lively designs that will brighten up your winter. But make no mistake: this hat means business when it comes to cold weather. Cashmere is estimated to be seven times warmer than wool. The coziest, warmest most wonderful hat you will ever own. One size fits all

What is Cashmere?
Cashmere is the fine under-hair of a goat that lives on the steppes of central Asia. Its yearly production of about 7000 metric tons is only .5% of sheep's-wool production. It takes the fleece of three goats to make one sweater. Cashmere is known for its exquisite softness but it is also much warmer than wool, and is ideal for winter sports. 60% of the world's cashmere comes from Northern China.

How to Care For Your Cashmere Clothing:
Cashmere is a very fine fiber, so treat it gently.
Dry Clean or hand-wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.
Store neatly folded in a moth-free environment- Do not hang.
Remove pills with a safety razor.

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