Why Buying Alpaca Sweaters for Your Summer Wardrobe is a Genius Move

Why Buying Alpaca Sweaters for Your Summer Wardrobe is a Genius Move

May 29, 2018

When most people think of alpaca sweaters they tend to resurrect memories of cozy evenings in the ski lodge or those calming winter hikes in sublime mountains. While alpaca apparel and winter go together like crimson and clover, most fashion-forward men and women forget that alpaca sweaters are ideal for early morning and evening summer activities. Overcast days at the beach is another warm-weather scenario where alpaca sweaters shine.

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Summer is Here: Where to Buy Alpaca Sweaters for Men and Women

If you are looking for men’s alpaca sweaters to be worn on summer evenings, or alpaca sweaters for women to wear in air-conditioned offices in the middle of July, take a look at how we describe the weight of each sweater. Lightweight usually indicates a finer gauge yarn perfect for year-round wear, while medium weight is slightly heavier, but still good for cool mornings and evenings in most climates.  When colder weather rolls around, your sweaters will pick up the pace. Our alpaca sweaters will keep you comfortable in mixed climates while offering an abundance of chic style.

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First Things First, What Kind of Alpaca Sweaters can I Buy?

Alpaca sweaters come in a variety of types. Pullovers are the most popular kind of alpaca sweater for men. These come in a wide selection of colors and patterns. Alpaca sweaters in the pullover style come in both lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight. For summer and fall seasons the lightweight option is ideal. Alpaca sweaters also come in the open, cardigan style. When it comes to alpaca sweaters for men who seek a modern twist on a retro piece of apparel, cardigans are an excellent option. For example, the Adam cardigan is a high-quality alpaca sweater with alternating gray pinstripes that ascend to the polo collar and lapel. There is a modern metal zipper at the bottom of the lapel creating a V-neck.

There are also thigh-length alpaca jackets for women that can be worn for both casual and formal events. The Heliotrope heliotrope-cardigan  Another popular alpaca sweater for women is the tunic. Though typically medium-weight, alpaca tunics can be worn on summer evenings and provide great comfort on windy evenings at the beach while offering a luxurious look and feel. These, and other types of alpaca sweaters, come in natural colors, as well as baby alpaca fibers.

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Alpaca Sweaters Last a Lifetime and Can Be Worn All Year Long

When properly cared for, alpaca sweaters can last a lifetime. Along with the fact that many types of alpaca sweaters offer ongoing use throughout the seasons, these garments offer exceptional quality and value because they don’t need to be stored for seasonality and their investment combats the toxic industry of “fast fashion” that adds to waste and pollution. Alpaca sweaters are stylish pieces to your wardrobe that can last forever and eliminate the need to buy cheap, throw-away clothing. When you buy alpaca sweaters you are increasing sustainability, you have clothing that can be worn all year long, and you have durable pieces that will see you throughout your lifetime while always staying in style.


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