Why Buying Alpaca Sweaters for Men and Women Colors Your Wardrobe Green

Why Buying Alpaca Sweaters for Men and Women Colors Your Wardrobe Green

April 27, 2018

More and more, people are considering the environmental and ethical impact goods have on our planet. According to ‘Business Green’, 50 percent of consumers surveyed in the Ethical Consumers Report admitted to avoiding a product based on the company’s dedication to eco-friendly practices. But is the glass half-full or half empty?   While a great number of people take steps to protect our planet, an equally large number don’t.

For those who are looking for ways to minimize their carbon footprint, buying Peruvian alpaca sweaters for men and women helps in several ways.

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Alpaca Sweaters Help Combat Throw-Away Fashion

Throw-away fashion (also known as fast fashion) is a multi-billion-dollar industry revolving around cheap apparel that is meant to be worn for short periods of time, thrown away, and replaced with the same poor-quality clothing. When you buy alpaca sweaters for men and women you are investing in well-made, high-quality clothing that, if properly cared for, can last a lifetime.  It’s less expensive than feeding the fast fashion empire, and it helps reduce energy consumption and pollution from washing, dyeing, spinning and knitting, as well as producing synthetic fibers.

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Alpaca Apparel Supports Sustainable Living

Invisible World sources alpaca fibers from Peru and Bolivia, but that is late in journey. These fibers are sourced from family-owned farms that have been using all-natural grazing methods generation after generation. For thousands of years the inhabitants of the Andes Mountain regions sheared and wove alpaca fiber to make strong beautiful clothing. While the clothing has changed, animal husbandry has not. Alpaca are good for the earth, literally! Their soft hooves leave little impact on the earth’s soil, and their droppings make it more fertile.  When you buy alpaca sweaters you’re supporting the well-being of local families as well as the earth.

When You Buy Alpaca Sweaters You Encourage Kindness to Animals

No need to speak about some of the terrible conditions animals face when they play roles in manufacturing. If you want to take a stand against animal cruelty, buying alpaca sweaters for men or women is a great way to express your principles. Alpaca farms in Peru and Bolivia allow the animals to live their lives as nature intended. They are free to roam, graze, play and sleep in their natural environment. The shearing process is gentle and done by hand, and the alpaca never resist.

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Shop Alpaca Sweaters and Claim your Style!

Alpaca comes in countless shapes, patterns and colors. Whether you seek a baby alpaca cardigan sweater, or a pullover with an intricate pattern, Invisible World has the perfect sweater to compliment your sense of style!

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