Why Alpaca Sweaters are Perfect Gifts for Picky Friends & Family

Why Alpaca Sweaters are Perfect Gifts for Picky Friends & Family

October 22, 2018

It seems that everyone has THAT ONE friend or family member who is extremely difficult to shop for. Some people are just so picky that you can give them the keys to a new Porsche, and at best they crack a Mona Lisa smile.

It is your mission this holiday season to get your captious loved one something they will truly value and appreciate. Really, you just want to make them happy, and knowing where to start shopping (then what to buy) will help you get a step closer to achieving your heated goal.

Gertrude Stein once remarked, “whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping”. Indeed, knowing where the fine sellers are and being able to get a great deal on a unique, special item of high-quality CAN buy happiness. This article is intended to assist fretful shoppers by revealing how alpaca sweaters from Peru are ideal gifts for even the pickiest Scrooge in your circle of friends and family.  

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First, Buy Authentic Alpaca Sweaters (Avoid Fakes)

If you Google “buy alpaca sweaters”, you will get flooded with options. However, only a small fraction of these sellers offer sweaters made from 100 percent alpaca fibers. Some retailers will advertise “alpaca sweaters from Peru”, but in reality only a small percentage of the garment is made from alpaca while the rest is sheep’s wool or a synthetic blend of fibers. In order to shop for high-quality alpaca sweaters online, you need to find a retailer that guarantees their product and that tells their brand’s story pertaining to the sourcing of the alpaca fibers.

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An Alpaca Sweater is Guaranteed to Suit their Style

If the thought of buying alpaca sweaters for your nit-picking (pun intended) loved one is an immediate turn-off, the hesitation is likely due to appeasing a unique style. This is where the alpaca sweater truly shines as the perfect gift for people with particular styles. If shopped for through high-quality retailers like Invisible World, you can find a plethora of styles, designs, patterns and colors. Alpaca sweaters come in such a broad range of styles and sizes that you can find an alpaca sweater for men who boast the clean, minimalist look, or for guys who like the semblance of a rustic or traditional look. When it comes to alpaca sweaters for women, the modern, clean look is abundant, as are alpaca pullover sweaters and cardigans (for the boys too).

Alpaca sweaters come in such a wide variety that you can even shop based on occasion. There are alpaca sweaters ideal for sophisticated, formal events ideal for a night out on the yacht or an event at the country club. There are also stunning alpaca sweaters for casual events, and perfect for lounging in at the ski lodge bar over a Manhattan.

No matter how choosey your loved one might be, there is an alpaca sweater perfect for their niche taste.

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Alpaca Sweaters Tell a Story (It Adds an Extra ‘Something’)

Some people are just hard to shop for because every item they own has to tell a story in order for them to be satisfied. From teaspoons to the socks on their feet, if the item isn’t original or has an interesting story behind it, it might as well be tossed in the donation bin.

If bought from the right seller, alpaca sweaters from Peru or Bolivia tell a magical story built on the foundation of 1000 years of history. When you shop for Peruvian alpaca sweaters with Invisible World you facilitate the continuation of indigenous people’s ability to maintain their ancient family traditions of farming alpaca fibers and making exceptional sweaters, hats, gloves and other apparel items. The energy and love that goes into every alpaca sweater is apparent through it’s durability, softness and design--sweaters unlike anything you can find in a standard retail store, or even the boutiques that line the streets of LA and New York.

At the end of the day, the history and promotion of sustainability will give your gift a special story that even the most critical person will appreciate.

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Alpaca Sweaters are Pure Luxury

Often, people are hard to shop for because they only appreciate high-luxury items, and your wallet can’t keep up with their demands. Enter alpaca sweaters. Often compared to cashmere for their silky soft feel and high quality, alpaca sweaters will delight the richest tastes while being gentle on your pocketbook.

Alpaca sweaters don’t cost as much as cashmere but exist in the same quality class bracket. In addition, high-end fashion labels use alpaca fibers regularly. Names like Yves Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss, Dior and Gucci have featured alpaca sweaters in their fall and winter collections, as well as alpaca hats, gloves, jackets, coats, tunics, scarves, ruanas and other items.

Alpaca sweaters can also last a lifetime if properly cared for. This is where you truly get value for your money while simultaneously eliminating the need for another person in the world to partake in throw-away fashion (buying a new sweater every few years).

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Shop Alpaca Sweaters Today, and be the Holiday Hero

All you need to know is the person’s size, style preference, and the type of occasions they normally participate in. Then call a reputable alpaca sweater seller and have a professional help you shop the ideal garment your special person will love and cherish for a lifetime of use.

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