Why Alpaca Sweaters are Perfect for Fall Wardrobes

Why Alpaca Sweaters are Perfect for Fall Wardrobes

August 27, 2018

Whether it’s crunching through the leaves outdoors  or attending office meetings in a room where the thermostat hasn’t been adjusted to the new season, alpaca pullovers and cardigans are the versatile choice for Autumn.

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Alpaca Sweaters are Ideal for Autumn Months

First of all, alpaca sweaters are warmer than wool.  Whether you’re wearing a fine-gauge men’s pullover under a sport jacket or walking home in the fading afternoon sun in your alpaca sweater coat, alpaca garments provide that extra margin of comfort when the temperature heads south.  Alpaca sweaters have both hollow fibers, like fur, and crimped fibers, like sheepswool, and the qualities of these two kinds of fibers together result in lustrous, silky apparel that is extremely warm and yet has a slightly languid touch, less spongy than wool.  When temperatures begin to fluctuate, alpaca’s warmth and breathability keep you comfortable through the changes.

Second, while nearly all alpaca knitwear comes from two small countries in South America, Bolivia and Peru, it’s available in an incredibly diverse range of styles and weights.  South American knitwear companies employ European and American designers, and it seems no top brand’s collection is complete without an alpaca sweater or poncho in it. Like cashmere, alpaca sweaters have become synonymous with luxury.  

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Alpaca Sweaters in History, 101

It wasn’t always like this.  While alpaca’s use in garments goes back millennia, it was traditionally woven, not knit, and alpaca knitwear got off to a slow start.  Just three decades ago, when Invisible World began, alpaca knit apparel was limited to rustic Indian Market sweaters made of prickly homespun yarn, or else simple single-color pullovers and button up cardigans that had a distinctive lack of inspiration.  Now, producers spin all manners of yarn, from airy boucle blends to thick hand-knitting yarns. The result is alpaca sweaters that run the gamut from evocative tweedy cable knits to sleek long baby alpaca cardigans that are knit on computerized looms then painstakingly finished by hand.  Many alpaca sweaters have more than a dozen color, but are expertly combined to create a subtle but vibrant texture.

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What Alpaca Sweaters Should I Buy?

For Fall’s warm-to-cool temperature range, we recommend alpaca sweater coats.  You can wear them outside like an overcoat, but you can often wear them open as a long office sweater.  Most are made of finer-gauge alpaca yarn that is knit tightly and won’t stretch. That makes for a sleek, medium-weight alpaca sweater that moves with you and won’t be cumbersome.  Alpaca knit jackets are a shorter version of the same item, often shaped like a knit blazer and meant to be worn open with matching clothes. A great option for professional situations.

For outdoors, alpaca pullovers are the perfect casual but elegant garment.  Due to alpaca’s long fiber length, it’s incredibly strong, and high quality alpaca sweaters won’t be bothered by the occasional twig or over-exuberant canine.  They’re water repellent and keep warm when they are wet. Additionally, alpaca cardigans and pullovers are extremely soil resistant, so they clean up well if your outing goes rogue. Often available in tweedy natural colors, they match perfectly with jeans or khakis, creating an outfit as soon as you put slip them on.

So, this Fall, when thoughts turn to winter fires and cold nights, don’t forget alpaca sweaters.  They’ll keep warm and beautiful for many seasons to come.

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