Why Alpaca Sweaters and Socks are Popular with Millennials

Why Alpaca Sweaters and Socks are Popular with Millennials

July 03, 2018

Millennials. While people have varying date ranges this cohort is placed in, two things can’t be argued: members of this group love luxury and eco-friendliness. According to a study conducted by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute, 75 percent of Millennials say that income and high-quality items are important for maintaining a high quality of life, as opposed to baby boomers who ranked in at 45 percent. Additionally, 80 percent of millennials advocate for greener living and environmentally sound solutions and products.

 If you fit into this wide bracket, and have not become acquainted with alpaca sweaters and the benefits one receives by wearing alpaca socks, then you are not only missing out on some amazing Peruvian apparel, but the chance to update your wardrobe while standing up for something you believe in.

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 Why are Alpaca Sweaters for the Green Minded?

 When you buy alpaca sweaters from a company that sources materials from Peru and Bolivia, you are supporting sustainability and the environment. The best alpaca sweater retailers don’t just focus on high-quality materials, they also care about sourcing locations. When alpaca fibers are purchased from many farms in Peru and Bolivia, families that have been harvesting alpaca wool for multiple generations are allowed to thrive and enrich their communities while carrying on local traditions. These farms rely on traditional farming methods, so no pollutants are released into the environment.  Alpaca fibers are shorn by hand and often come in natural colors. When you buy alpaca sweaters, you help fuel eco-friendly farming while playing a role in keeping Mother Nature just a bit greener.

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 Are Alpaca Sweaters really High-Quality?

 Most people think about cashmere when it comes to high-quality sweaters, but alpaca is right up there! The “royal fiber of the Incas” is soft, silky, and it never shows its age while offering a timeless look. Alpaca sweaters are extremely durable, yet silky to the touch making them a high-quality item that is more expensive than sheep’s wool, but still affordable by the standards of luxury apparel. If properly cared for, alpaca sweaters will never pill and last a lifetime.

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 Why are Alpaca Socks Popular?

 Because the fiber is high-quality, soft, and durable, alpaca socks are popular because they fulfill a number of purposes. In the cold winter months, alpaca socks offer warmth are are ideal for wearing around the fireplace and even for sleeping in. They can also be work in summer months because the fiber is breathable, and provides a touch of coziness and comfort. But alpaca socks aren’t just popular with people who desire a more fashionable look with added comfort; many believe that these socks are also ideal for people with multiple medical conditions. For example, those afflicted with poor circulation or with Reynaud’s syndrome are perfect candidates for our socks warming and gently supportive alpaca pile socks.

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 Alpaca Sweaters and Socks Offer Everything

 Luxury, eco-friendly, softness, multi-season use, style, and added comfort: alpaca sweaters and socks stand as a class above the rest when it comes to all the buckets millennials care about. Learn more about how alpaca sweaters are farmed, sourced, and explore the multiple styles and colors the next time you go to modernize your wardrobe.

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