What Is Cashmere and Why Is It a Premium Fiber for Clothing?

September 27, 2016

Cashmere is a fiber that is brushed out of the cashmere goat. That's right, cashmere goats are typically not sheared like a sheep would be. They are gently brushed. Sounds luxurious, and it is. Each cashmere goat produces a very small amount of the cashmere fibers (they are essentially goat hairs) each year. These fibers are spun into the threads that are woven into the cashmere garments that we sell.

There are many factors that affect the quality of the cashmere, including geographic region, diet of the goats and the methods of finishing the fibers.

Here at Invisible World, we go to great lengths to source only the highest quality cashmere garments, so you can be sure that when you purchase a cashmere sweater from our shop, you will be purchasing a soft, durable, long-lasting and stylish garment.

We currently have this men's cashmere V-neck sweater on sale for $108.50 for the next month.

Makes a great gift, available in 7 beautiful colors. A classic and versatile sweater.

To learn more about our cashmere items, the care of cashmere, and our own process of sourcing these garments, click here to visit our cashmere page.

Links to all of our cashmere sweaters are at the bottom of that page.

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