The Immortal Garment: How to Care for Alpaca Sweaters so they Live Forever

The Immortal Garment: How to Care for Alpaca Sweaters so they Live Forever

September 19, 2018

To say that alpaca sweaters are “immortal” is a rather confident boast. But yes, if you properly care for your alpaca sweater, it might outlive you. However, if you intend to buy alpaca sweaters from a high-quality seller, you need to take on the responsibility of knowing how to wash and store this luxurious garment.

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So Why Buy Alpaca Sweaters?

Before we dive into caring for alpaca sweaters, let’s first explore why you might want to purchase one (or three) to begin with. If you are looking for a high-quality, luxurious sweater that can be worn all year long, for any occasion, you certainly have a wide array of options. Now, though, more people are taking the time to learn about alpaca sweaters and their mysterious, magical origins deeply rooted in Inca royalty. People love the sustainability and eco-friendliness that breathes in between the fibers. But the number one reason why people buy alpaca sweaters is simply this: they offer affordable luxury.

First, let’s address the gorilla in the room: Cashmere is a great, luxurious sweater, but alpaca sweaters are showing signs of taking over. Known for being silky soft, more affordable, and spotted in the tabloids as more and more Hollywood A-listers are wearing them, alpaca sweaters are gaining ground. In fact, fashion moguls like Prada, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent are using baby alpaca fibers to make scarves, ruanas, and exotic alpaca sweaters for men and women.

There’s a reason for that.  Alpaca sweaters breath well and can be worn year-around in most climates. Alpaca yarn is spun in a wide variety of weights and textures, which means that alpaca sweaters come in many styles, cuts, colors, and thicknesses to provide a look and comfort that resonates with men and women from all over the world.

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How Durable are Alpaca Sweaters?

Keep in mind that alpaca wool has elasticity and is very durable, so long as you treat it in a manner that is appropriate to the care-based needs alpaca sweaters require. Because it’s an extremely long fiber, it is highly resistant to pilling and other sorts of wear.  While cashmere is a more delicate fiber, alpaca is resilient and brawny. If properly cared for, alpaca sweaters from Invisible World will last a lifetime.

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How Should You Wash Alpaca Sweaters?

It is advisable that you hand-wash your alpaca sweater. Even if you have the latest and greatest washing machine with a gentle cycle so dove-like you could wash a Faberge egg in it, alpaca sweaters are best washed by your own two hands.

When hand-washing alpaca sweaters use a mild detergent like Woolite. Adding fabric softener is fine, so long as it contains no harsh chemicals. You can even use hair conditioner.  When using a gentle type of fabric softener, your alpaca sweaters will have a silkier, smoother touch. Gently knead and squeeze the garment without wringing or twisting it. Once you’ve rinsed out the soapy water, wrap the sweater in a dry towel and delicately squeeze out the remaining water.  After that, lay the sweater flat on a fresh towel to dry it out. High-absorbent microfiber towels are ideal, as they soak up the moist moister and dry alpaca sweaters faster.

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How to Store Alpaca Sweaters

This is not the Spanish Inquisition; your alpaca sweaters aren’t heretics, nor have they done anything scandalous. Therefore, please don’t torture them by hanging these garments on hangers or on the backs of chairs. Once the sweater is dry, neatly fold your alpaca sweaters in a moth-free environment. Well ventilated cedar boxes with moth balls are ideal storage solutions. Even non-toxic plastic tubs or glass containers are acceptable, so long as they have air holes and some sort of moth-proofing system in place.

Follow these care tips, and your alpaca sweater will be a trusty companion for many years.

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