On Autumn Sales and Letting Go

August 05, 2015

Here in our rain-forest home of Juneau, Alaska, it's not unusual to have a seven-month Autumn, a cold, hazy season that begins in April and continues in a blur of rain and sub-60 temperatures until November, when the snow finally moves down to sea level again. This is a great place for sweaters, and Juneauites are some of our most ardent product testers. Our sweaters go skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and cruising through our little town. Sometimes I see an alpaca cardigan from 20 years ago walking down the street, and while I instantly remember the supplier and even the code number, it sometimes takes me a few moments to place the face of the person above it.

Fall in the North is when you let go of your summer dreams and get ready for the long trip through Winter. For Invisible World, it's like shedding those extra pounds you picked up at the cruise ship buffet. We love all our sweaters: that's why buy them, but when Autumn comes it's time to face the fact that sometimes we bought too many, or it wasn't our market, or that the puce or mauve that looked so great on a color chart in our supplier's office looks a heck of a lot different in real life.

So here it is: our crash-diet, so-low-priced-it-hurts Fall sale. Lots of beautiful cashmere and alpaca sweaters looking for a new friend and home in that town that is always perfect and radiant: your own.

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