How to Design a Fashionable Look Around Alpaca Sweaters

How to Design a Fashionable Look Around Alpaca Sweaters

August 14, 2018

There is a luxurious, affordable solution to fall and winter wear deep within the beating heart of Peru. Most of the finest alpaca sweaters begin their existence from the cultural continuance of ancient Peruvian ways, and their fibers have been highly sought after for more than 1000 years.

 When you buy alpaca sweaters from a high-quality retailer, you already have the centerpiece to a fashionable look that can be interchanged with various apparel accoutrements to give multiple looks. All you need is one or two handmade alpaca sweaters to kick-start your wardrobe. Then by adding various pieces to your fall and winter clothing, you can maintain the semblance of elegance and creative flare for months to come.

alpaca sweaters turtleneck

 Alpaca Sweaters and Turtlenecks Were Made for One Another

 Fall and winter mark the inevitable journey into cold, and although we may love the scent of chimney smoke and apple cider carrying through the autumn breeze, staying warm while looking stylish becomes a higher and higher priority. Turtleneck sweaters are a great starting point for garment pairing. There is always the option to buy alpaca turtleneck sweaters, or you can get a higher quality, thinner sheep’s wool turtleneck and wear an alpaca sweater over it. Cardigans, ruanas and baby alpaca jackets are ideal garments to pair with various types of turtlenecks.

 Does the turtleneck have to be made from a different fiber in order to pair well with an alpaca sweater? Absolutely not. You can deck out your wardrobe with a turtleneck alpaca sweater and wear a heavier alpaca cardigan over it. Just make sure both garments are in the same color family.

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 What Kind of Jeans Best Pair with Alpaca Sweaters?

 Because alpaca sweaters are warm yet breathe well, wearing a type of jeans that echoes these benefits is ideal. Thicker flare jeans will keep you toasty, and the cut will beautifully illustrate the non-constrictive fit of an alpaca sweater in a playful, stylish framework.

 How can I Dress for the Office with my Favorite Alpaca Sweaters?

A great look for women is to keep it simple and classic. You can wear a pencil skirt or a pair of straight-leg trousers with a cotton turtleneck and a heavier alpaca sweater, or a light-weight toasty alpaca turtleneck will fit into the workplace extremely well. Men can wear an alpaca sweater with a V-neck design with some dress trousers and a pair of streamlined, minimalist leather short boots.

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 What Kind of Women’s Accessories Goes Well With Alpaca Sweaters?

 Regardless of the type of alpaca sweater you wear, pendant-style necklaces and dangling, matching earrings always provide for a fun look that amalgamates elegance and a touch of the Bohemian. If your alpaca sweater has earth tones and you are going for a look that resonates with nature, tribal style jewelry would provide for an excellent added touch. However, if you are a “modern woman” and are going for a sleek look with a black or gray alpaca sweater in the cardigan or hoodie design, minimalist silver or gold necklaces and earrings, pearls, and crystal bracelets will help complete a look worthy of Vogue’s cover.    

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