3 Little-Known Facts About Alpaca Sweaters that Makes Them Perfect Gifts

3 Little-Known Facts About Alpaca Sweaters that Makes Them Perfect Gifts

July 31, 2018

With soaring retail innovations, emerging trends, and avant-garde fashion movements resting top-of-mind in the consumer psyche, finding a perfect gift for a loved one bound in loving meaning and uniqueness is a real challenge. Let’s face it, a new TV would be a cool gift, but not a memorable one. In order to give a gift that leaves a lasting impression, getting creative to raise your shopping IQ is crucial. Receiving something that is unordinary yet practical, luxurious, and that generates an emotional bond with its owner is going to reign supreme in even the most discerning memory banks.

 One option that’s been growing in popularity as the “perfect gift” is shopping for alpaca sweaters for men or women. The affordability makes it an ideal choice for those who love cashmere but don’t want to drop that much currency, and the soft, luxurious look and feel still makes it a highly-sought item. Here are four little-known facts about alpaca sweaters revealing why people love receiving these magical garments.

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 1 Alpaca Sweaters Have a Direct Tie to Royalty

 They may not have worn alpaca sweaters as we think of them today, but during the Inca Empire (1200AD-1532AD) members of the royal family wore alpaca clothing. In fact, only the royal family and favored members of the nobility could wear clothing made from alpaca fibers. In that time, alpaca fibers were hand-woven into taunt rectangles of brightly colored cloth. The fabric was generally worn three ways: wrapped around the body, draped over, or joined into tunics. Members of the royal family also wore brilliantly crocheted four-cornered alpaca hats. In fact, the quality of these alpaca hats was so rugged that, today, archeologist continue to unearth them in graves where they exist fully intact.

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 2. Karma and Alpaca Sweaters go Hand-In-Hand

 Imagine giving a gift to someone that supports generations of families and their quest to empower their communities. When you buy alpaca sweaters for men and women near and dear to your heart, you can share the story of love embedded in each alpaca fiber. Alpaca sweaters sourced from family farms in Peru and Bolivia go back for multiple generations; some for centuries. When you give alpaca sweaters as a gift, you enable the sustainability and prosperity of these ancient bloodlines that channel the ghosts of their ancestors while farming alpaca wool. Every alpaca sweater has artistry and a story with rich, ancient roots that make the gift a special one today.

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 3. Alpaca Sweaters Support Green Agendas

Alpaca sweaters make the perfect gift because when you buy one from a Peruvian or Bolivian farm, you can rest assured the fibers are processed to have minimal impact on the environment. All natural colors are processed with no dyes whatsoever.  Alpaca sweaters are made from hand-shearing the animals as they exist naturally in their environment, free to graze and romp in the mountains. Invisible World takes annual trips to Bolivia and Peru to find or create alpaca sweaters, gloves, scarves hats and other apparel.  These are sourced from eco-friendly farms that carry on their cultural traditions.

Shop alpaca sweaters today; give the perfect gift blessed with a unique, spiritual beauty that will resonate with your loved one.  

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