3 Benefits to Buying Alpaca Sweaters

3 Benefits to Buying Alpaca Sweaters

March 15, 2018

Alpaca sweaters are already stirring up a reputation for being the highly sought after, high-quality alternative to cashmere. Of course when one thinks of luxurious clothing, cashmere will likely top the list. But due to its affordability and other benefits, people once loyal to sheep’s wool are bounding over the fence with two shakes of a lamb’s tail to purchase alpaca sweaters. Here are four compelling benefits to adding alpaca sweaters and scarves to your wardrobe in place of garments made from sheep wool.

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1. Alpaca Sweaters Support Cruelty-Free Farming

Did you know that, according to PETA, the wool industry thrives from the suffering of lambs and sheep? Australia produces roughly a quarter of the world’s wool and their farming traditions are anything but kind. Within weeks of birth lambs get their ears hole-punched, their tails chopped off, and the shearing practices are often violent.

Sheep are also bred to have wrinkly skin which leads to greater wool production. As a result many sheep die from heat exhaustion. They also die from disease brought on my urine and feces getting trapped in the wool.

Alpaca, on the other hand, live care-free lives, literally. In fact, they live according to the way nature intended. Alpacas thrive in their natural Peruvian environment in ideal climate while eating, sleeping, and playing naturally. The shearing process is extremely gentle leaving the animals unharmed. In fact, because there is such a strong spiritual tie between the alpaca and the farmers, this may be one reason why alpaca fiber production is done with such care.

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2. Buying Alpaca Sweaters Supports Sustainability

When you buy alpaca sweaters from a reputable retailer, the garments are made with fleece from the family-run farms that dot the Peruvian hillsides. Most alpaca farms in Peru have been owned and operated by the same family spanning multiple generations. Alpaca textiles are deeply engrained in their culture; since ancient times they’ve been used to show home villages, marital and social status, as offerings and ceremonial garb and even to pay taxes. Today it is still used by farmers to support a livelihood for their family while participating in a global business that supports eco-friendly practices.

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3. Alpaca Sweaters are Ideal for People with Certain Medical Conditions

People with fibromyalgia often complain how uncomfortable it is when clothing is against the skin. These people live with a condition called allodynia where even the slightest brush of fabric against the skin can trigger pain. People who suffer from this disease are always looking for loose-fitting, non-restricting clothes to maintain as much comfort as possible. As a result, “looking good” takes the back seat for feeling good. Many people with fibromyalgia have tried alpaca sweaters and socks with much delight. Because the fabric is so breathable, has the right degree of softness, and sits a certain way against the skin, many men and women can wear alpaca sweaters that actually fit them and be virtually pain-free.

Call an Alpaca Apparel Retailer to Learn More!

There are a number of other benefits for buying alpaca apparel as opposed to sheep’s wool. Alpaca is warmer and more durable than sheeps wool.  Not only are you getting a higher-quality sweater but you are also helping a beautiful culture thrive. Look for an alpaca sweater retailer; reach out with your questions and discover how adding alpaca items to your wardrobe can energize your body and spirit. 

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